Denplan care

Denplan Care is a monthly payment scheme that covers the cost of all your dental treatment (excluding lab work for crowns, dentures and cosmetic treatment) for a monthly fee. It includes all fillings, cleaning, examinations, X-rays, root canal work, emergency appointments and work for crowns, bridges and dentures. After a free assessment of your mouth you are placed in a category from A-E.

There are other benefits to the Denplan scheme - please contact the practice for further information or visit the Denplan website.

Price guide

  • Category A: £12.32 per month
  • Category B: £16.05 per month
  • Category C: £20.18 per month
  • Category D: £24.75 per month
  • Category E: £29.50 per month

As a guide, most patients tend to fall in Category B or C unless they have had a lot of advanced dental work.

Denplan Essentials

A monthly fee of £11.90 provides 2 check ups/x-rays and scale and polishes per year and a 15% discount off any further treatments.

Pay as you go Denplan Essentials Denplan Care
Crowns from £325.00 £276.25 £85.00 (lab fee only)
Fillings from £38.00 £34.00 Nil
Exam £25.00 Nil Nil
Photo: Whittle Dental, Chorley