Dental services

Routine dental care

We enjoy providing quality routine dental care such as simple cleaning and fillings to many families in the areas of Chorley, Leyland, Brinscall, Wheelton, Clayton-le-Woods, Buckshaw Village as well as Whittle-le-Woods (and further afield!). We offer a viable and cost effective alternative to NHS treatment for all, with the freedom to offer patients what they want.


A thin layer of porcelain about half a millimetre thick that is placed over a front tooth to improve the appearance. They can improve the colour, shape and size of the tooth. In addition they can be used to close gaps and alter the position of irregular teeth to make them straighter. They can be used on several front teeth to achieve a “smile makeover”.


These are tooth-shaped coverings that can be used to improve the strength and/or appearance of front or back teeth with newer materials achieving excellent aesthetic results. They are available in a variety of different materials-your dentist can advise you on what best suits your requirements. Crowns and veneers can be used together to achieve a natural smile.


Bridges are used to replace missing teeth and are fixed onto your other teeth. When you have one or more missing teeth then a dental bridge may be used to restore the resulting gaps. The bridge is basically a tooth created from porcelain that fills the gap and is supported by the adjacent teeth. Bridges produce a tooth that is virtually indistinguishable from the adjacent teeth and we can discuss the latest materials to find the best choice for you.


Tooth-whitening safely improves the colour of your teeth - see the "tooth-whitening" page for more information.

Tooth coloured fillings

Tooth coloured fillings can be used instead of traditional silver fillings, in front or back teeth, to keep your teeth looking as natural as possible.


Implants are used to replace missing teeth and are placed into the bone directly therefore avoiding using your other teeth for support. They can be used to replace individual teeth or groups of teeth when combined with bridges. They can also be used to help to hold a denture in place.

Smile makeover

By using techniques such as those described above we can redesign your smile and dramatically improve the appearance of your teeth. It can be as simple as replacing old discoloured fillings in front teeth through to completely changing the appearance of your front teeth by altering the colour, shape and position of them.

Sports dentistry

The practice has a special interest in the developing sphere of Sport Dentistry, having undertaken courses in London and Dortmund. Sports Dentistry involves the prevention of damage and treatment of trauma to the teeth caused by an accident or sporting injury. Emergency treatment is first provided (such as splint, repositioning and pain relief) with the damaged teeth being restored later using white fillings, crowns/veneers, bridges or implants to bring them as close as possible to their original appearance. Help and advice relating to diet, jaw pain and prevention can be given to clubs and individuals who participate in sporting activities ranging from running, cycling, horse riding, squash, football, hockey, rugby and contact sports e.g. boxing. The Academy for Sports Dentistry advises a custom made mouth-guard is worn for an increasing number of sports at junior and adult level to reduce damage to teeth.


These can arise at any time and be caused by a number of conditions causing discomfort or embarrassment in the case of a lost crown. Emergencies often fall into one of the categories listed below:

  • tooth knocked out
  • fractured tooth
  • loose crown
  • toothache
  • wisdom tooth
  • swellings
  • lost fillings

If you have any of these problems, please contact the practice and we will arrange an emergency appointment as soon as possible (usually within 24 hours) to start dealing with your condition.

Photo: Whittle Dental, Whittle le Woods, Chorley

From our dentists' practice in Whittle-le-Woods, we serve patients in Chorley, Leyland, Preston and Clayton-le-Woods. The development at Buckshaw Village is close to our practice (on the A6 - Preston Road).

Our dental services include cosmetic dentistry, aesthetic dentistry, sports dentistry, tooth whitening and tooth bleaching. We offer an emergency dentist service and are experienced at helping nervous patients.