There are three options for tooth-whitening available at Whittle Dental Practice:

Zoom Advanced Power

This is the technique used in TV makeover programmes. Whitening is carried out in surgery by your dentist using the Zoom Advanced Power lamp to activate a whitening gel. The treatment is then continued at home with tailor-made trays usually for 2 weeks.


Tailor-made trays are constructed and the treatment is carried out at home with a whitening gel usually over a 2 week period. Please note we supply full kits of gel not individual tubes to make sure you have more than enough.


This budget option utilises thin, flexible strips pre-impregnated with whitening gel.

We now also have top-up kits of gel available for those patients who have already whitened. If you are interested in further information about any aspect of tooth whitening please contact us.

Interest-free credit is available, subject to status, for Zoom Advanced Power and home whitening.

Photo: Whittle Dental, Chorley